Not quite ready to sell everything? Alarm Capital Alliance (ACA)'s partial security account acquisitions program gives you the freedom to sell alarm accounts in smaller quantities. Having completed over 750 acquisitions with more than 400 dealers, we have proven to be a reliable partner for your company and your customers.

Perhaps you need additional working capital, have plans to open in a new market, or would like to enjoy the spoils of your hard work, ACA will work with you to determine your needs and purchase alarm accounts to provide you capital in a simple and equitable manner. You may even continue providing service after the sale.

ACA provides:

  • Highly competitive multiples
  • Expedited account acquisition closings
  • Assistance with system moves.*

After ACA has acquired your alarm accounts, you will continue to capitalize on customer relationships you have developed over the years. You will generate revenue from additional sources, such as:

  • Service Requests
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Leads
  • Referrals.
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We also offer

If you are interested in selling your company or alarm accounts, we invite you to use our Portfolio Valuation Calculator so you can see how much a partnership with ACA could be worth to you.

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* If a subscriber moves in the same market, ACA pays the dealer to move the system and will even buy the contract of the new homeowner.