Alarm Capital Alliance is a trusted partner for security firms looking to sell alarm accounts. Do you need a partner with a robust security dealer program? Perhaps you need to sell alarm accounts to raise capital; or maybe you're ready to sell your security company. Regardless of need, talk to a partner who has a unique approach to buying alarm monitoring contracts and will ensure the process is simple, the relationship is transparent, and the agreement is equitable.

Owning an alarm company has taken your time, effort, and financial investment; therefore, selling is a difficult, emotional decision. We take your pride of ownership to heart so you can move forward with the confidence that everything you've built will be handled with integrity. Ultimately, the challenge lies in finding the most effective way to sell your alarm accounts in a reasonable amount of time, on the best possible terms.

So, you may be wondering: How do I sell my alarm accounts? We make it simple; you decide how many alarm accounts you wish to sell. We will purchase a portion of your portfolio, or your entire account base, while offering opportunities for you to remain in business and generate revenue!

We offer several options:

If you are interested in selling your company or alarm accounts, we invite you to use our Portfolio Valuation Calculator so you can see how much a partnership with ACA could be worth to you.

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