The diamond sponsor delivered a signature presentation on attrition during the Oct. 22-24 conference

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October 30, 2014 (Newtown Square, PA) - Alarm Capital Alliance ("ACA"), a trusted advisor in the security alarm industry, recently led a discussion on an often overlooked business metric, attrition, at the Electronic Security Technology Summit ("ESTS") in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Oct. 23.

"In our line of work, a company's vitality is directly correlated to its rate of attrition," CEO of Alarm Capital Alliance, Amy Kothari said. "Many business owners are shocked to learn that their attrition rate is much higher than anticipated, so this presentation was about exposing industry members to a next level education."

Ms. Kothari's presentation went on to outline how Alarm Capital Alliance measures and manages their attrition rate in various markets across the country. Customer retention is the key to sustained profitability, and by protecting an already established base, companies can focus on future growth areas.

By using the core principles of tracking your attrition, using the customer experience as an antidote, and using sales practices to prevent attrition, businesses can expand their bottom line. It was evident that audience members received significant value from the discussion.

"Many of us have heard attrition discussions before, but the way Ms. Kothari shared the ACA story gave some detailed insight on the strategy she has developed for ACA. These ideas were impressive for a company the size of ACA and their implementation of these strategies could not be executed without a true commitment to reducing attrition. Many specific, new ideas were shared," said attendee John Loud, President of Loud Security.

As a diamond sponsor of the event, Alarm Capital Alliance recognizes the importance of collaborating with the country's most respected industry thought leaders. "ACA has had a tremendously positive and successful effect on this event. We are pleased and honored to work with ACA in this competitive and driven industry," said Alex Quirin, CEO and Managing Partner of Advisory Summit Providers.