The new role will emphasize strategic initiatives, including growth opportunities for the Company's B2B and B2C target markets.

Anastasia Bottos

September 22, 2014 (Newtown Square, PA) - After nearly 10 years with Alarm Capital Alliance ("ACA"), the organization has appointed Anastasia Bottos as Chief Strategy Officer. During Ms. Bottos' tenure with ACA, her role inherently progressed into one that required strategic vision and planning to develop and execute the organization's growth plan for both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands. In this new role, Ms. Bottos will continue to be responsible for general business development initiatives, running the organization's due diligence and acquisitions processes, and overseeing the Dealer & Legal Relations, Central Station, and Correspondence departments. Ms. Bottos will remain as the organization's Executive Vice President of Acquisitions.

"With her vast knowledge of the security industry, Ms. Bottos' leadership and oversight has been instrumental to the 13 consecutive years of growth ACA has experienced," said Amy Kothari, President and CEO. "With this expanded role and her continued leadership, ACA will remain on its current growth trajectory."

Ms. Bottos has been a key contributor to the development of ACA's unique business model, and has enhanced the efficiency of ACA's due diligence and closing process, including the creation and implementation of an innovative due-diligence platform that has broadly influenced acquisition due diligence across the industry. To date, Ms. Bottos has overseen more than 400 acquisitions and the integration of more than 100,000 customers, which most notably includes the acquisition of Hawk Security Services in January 2014.

Internally, Ms. Bottos has developed a talented, customer-oriented team within the various departments that report directly to her. Her tireless work ethic and drive for excellence is a hallmark of the company and is engrained in ACA's corporate culture.

Prior to joining ACA, Ms. Bottos was affiliated with other business entities, serving in variety of business and operations-related functions. Her prior work experience includes American Home Products Settlement Trust, where she handled critical legal documentation regarding disputed claims. Ms. Bottos is a graduate of Drexel University.

About Alarm Capital Alliance
Alarm Capital Alliance (ACA), headquartered in Newtown Square, PA, is a leading security alarm company that utilizes a unique business model for the acquisition, installation, and management of security alarm contracts and dominates a critical industry niche which includes our Independent Dealer Program. Since inception in 2000, the Company has achieved 13 consecutive years of growth and is now ranked 10th in SDM Magazine's list of the largest residential security alarm companies in the country.


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