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  ACA's Portfolio Purchase Program Other Programs
RMR* 40,000.00
Multiple x 35x
Holdback % 15%
Cash at Closing 1,190,000.00 1,190,000.00
Average Service Hourly 95.00
Average Customer RMR 25.00
Service Revenues
ACA pays dealers to service the accounts.
Other buyers take service work "in-house" not allowing the dealer to service the accounts.

(Example uses industry averages of 1 service call every 2 years per customer with an average of 1.5 hours per call.)
114,000.00 -
Referral Revenue
Sales referrals are given back to the installing dealer. Other buyers keep customer referrals and use their own staff for the installation.

(Example illustrates the value of just one referral per month over 12 months based on the average RMR of the account.)
10,500.00 -
Holdback Paid
Dealer may replace every account that cancels during the holdback period. For those who choose to do so, their holdback may be paid in full.

Most other buyers do not allow dealers to replace accounts which cancel during the holdback period. Often, no holdback is ever paid and cannot be managed.

210,000.00 -
12 Month Total 1,524,500.00 1,190,000.00
This example shows
ACA pays an additional
or 8.36x
in just 12 months!

Many alarm company owners take advantage of ACA's Independent Dealer Program to add additional cash flow after the sale.

ACA’s unique approach to acquisitions allows our dealers to earn back the holdback amount after the sale, which differentiates us from other buyers.

*Total RMR may be impacted by pass-through deductions for services such as, Total Connect, etc.

For illustrative purposes only