After 36 years in the alarm industry, I decided that 2012 was the right time for me to sell my company. But I was worried about what would happen to my employees. I spoke to a number of potential buyers, yet nothing clicked until I connected with Ana Bottos at Alarm Capital Alliance/My Alarm Center. Their package fit me perfectly. The purchase price was excellent! As for my employees, they would receive much better benefits at much lower premium payments. I was also worried about the purchase process since this was my first sale of a company, but it was truly painless. Ana and her team are professionals! Not only did they make everything very simple, but they were extremely fair from start to finish. As far as life after the sale, I can only say that the support staff is top notch. Customer service, billing and central station relations have been terrific. My clients are pleased with the end result. If you're thinking about selling, you owe it to yourself to include this group on your list of folks to talk to.

Glenn Barham
Alarm Monitoring Service of Atlanta

Dear Ms. Kothari:

My mother and I would like to thank you and the employees of ACA for a job well done.

Eighteen months ago, your team was presented with a very sensitive and unique task in acquiring Metro Alarm's subscriber base. My father started Metro Alarm just over 20 years ago with one employee. He did the installations and service calls; my mother set appointments and handled billing. After a courageous battle with cancer, my father passed away in June of 2008. We were in a very difficult situation and had to make decisions about the business quickly, while grieving the loss of my father.

After talking to a few possible buyers, we selected ACA. We have not once regretted this decision. The dedication and effort which your team put into understanding our unique situation and responding to our questions went above and beyond the call of duty. Our many questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. Key members of your team demonstrated a tremendous amount of effort in taking the time, after hours and on weekends, to explain things to our satisfaction. Jason Grelle did an excellent job walking us through the initial stages of the engagement. Throughout the engagement, Anastasia Bottos was great to work with and was always attentive to our concerns.

Given the circumstances, it has been a pleasure to work with ACA. There is no doubt whatsoever that my father would be very pleased with the outcome.


Ron Burke, Jr. and Freda Burke
Metro Alarm Company, OK

Dear Ana,

We at Circle Security have been in business for 38 years, and personally, in the Alarm industry for almost 50 years. I have seen it all- the good as everyone knows, is when a company can make money selling its services. The bad is when some companies decided to give away their services free of charge. That's when it all changed for the worst!!! That gave birth to new types of companies that offered to step up and help dealers get through their tough cash flow times. They just wanted to steal our life's blood, (monthly monitored accounts) take our customers, the service, the referrals, and ultimately, put us out of business. Yes, they paid for the monitoring reluctantly and always took the holdback one way or another.

Now there is ACA, a much different kind of company-a firm with honest people, professional people, caring people, and above all, smart people. From Amy Kothari, a no-nonsense, to the point, President & CEO who you can bank on and trust, to Jason Grelle who beat the bushes to find qualified dealers and told no lies, to Elizabeth, Ana, Peter, Mike and all people associated with ACA.

They are by far the only company with which I would want to be associated as a dealer with. We have been with them since 2006. That's eight years, and we will be with them for many more years to come!!!!

Fact: ACA says what they do and do what they say.

We have prospered because of ACA.

Ira Ehrenkrantz
Circle Security Systems, FL
With ACA Since 2006 Bulk & Dealer

Our choice to enter into a business relationship with ACA has absolutely been one of the best decisions we have ever made. There were many companies to choose from. From the beginning, it was very clear that the folks at Alarm Capital were genuinely interested in our unique situation. They did everything possible to make the process smooth, efficient, and as uncomplicated as possible, (which I have heard can be extremely arduous and difficult with some firms).

Our relationship has continued for several years and I can say that without exception, every single person we have dealt with has been professional, courteous, and highly knowledgeable in their area. Everyone at ACA seems to have a real desire to do their job with excellence and to make every phase of the process pleasant. Hats off to Anastasia, Elizabeth, Peter, Mike and many, many others!

Our partnership with ACA has been so successful that there is not a chance we would ever consider joining our business with anyone else. I cannot imagine that there is a better option anywhere

Chip Cheek
Silent Sentry, AL
With ACA Since 2008 Bulk & Dealer

Dear Kelly,

You're right, the past year has gone fast. I wanted to thank you for a smooth and efficient transition. All of the people at ACA have been helpful and professional. I did a similar deal with another company some years ago and had a terrible experience. So, I had some initial reservations. But quickly realized that this seemed to be a much better transition. And after a year that has proved to be true.

I'd like to thank you, Ana, Elizabeth and Peter. All of you were professional and responsive to any concerns I had and lived up to what was promised. I could not have been more pleased.

Please feel free to use me for a referral anytime.

Thanks again.

Rob Farmer
Custom Access & Security, MD
With ACA Since 2010 Bulk

We have dealt with other dealer programs in the past and were never satisfied, mainly because once we moved a contract, we lost our relationship with that customer. ACA is so unique in its partnership with us that we continue to maintain a personal touch with those customers, as well as the support those customers received from ACA.

We joined into this partnership with ACA in 2007 and we are still going strong. The staff at ACA is incredible! They not only continue to impress our customers, but us as well.

Thanks for the great 7 years! I plan to continue this for many years to come.

Adolph Moreno
TES Ventures, TX
With ACA Since 2007 Bulk & Dealer

ACA was one of many companies that we considered when we were trying to find a company that we could sell accounts to, but still continue to conduct our business and grow our company. We spent years exploring our options, trying to find a place that would embrace our style and meet our needs.

We made our decision to sell our accounts to ACA after careful and extensive consideration. ACA presented a model that is substantially more straightforward, simple, and less complex than the other companies that we looked at. (Other companies were financially complex and intimidating.)

What impressed me most about ACA was their ability to allow our company to continue operating after we had sold accounts to ACA without compromising the brand name and goodwill we had worked so hard to cultivate.

ACA delivers the efficiency of a large company with the flexibility and straight forward approach of a small company. For the first time, I truly feel like I am a member of a partnership.

ACA Affiliate

Over the years, we explored several options to allow us to realize our company's equity while continuing in business. Many of the deals we looked at were financially complex. ACA's program is straightforward, like the good 'ole days with realistic multiples and flexible terms. In addition, it allowed us to continue operating our business with our name intact. It doesn't feel like you're working with a big company. There has been a give-and-take., but it truly feels like a partnership.

ACA Affiliate

I spent a lot of time researching my company's financial options. To me, the most important thing was that my customers would be well taken care of. ACA made the acquisition process smooth and rapid, without upsetting my account base or day-to-day business. It was definitely the best choice for my company.

Bill Delmonico
Home Security

Recently, I transacted with Alarm Capital Alliance regarding the sale of accounts. This represented the sixth time that I have sold accounts during my 26 years as an Alarm Dealer. Without question, the people and the systems at ACA made this the easiest and most professional account sale in my experience. Instructions, reports and follow up were clear, concise, and timely. The transaction closed and was funded precisely as scheduled. If account sales are part of your upcoming business plan, you cannot do any better than Anastasia and the ACA team.

Neil J. Goldman
CALTRONICS - Fire & Security, CA